PUSH in Literacy SAT WORDS

SAT Words- Second Semester

Group 9 January 6th - 16th

avarice - greed, immoderate desire for wealth, cupidity

connoisseur - an expert, a discerning judge with extensive knowledge

indulgent - giving into desires; lenient

adept - skillful, deft, opposite of inept

naive - lacking in worldly wisdom, gullible, credulous

Group 10 January 17th - 31st

reclusive - solitary, cut off from the world

elusive - hard to capture

apathetic - not caring, showing little emotion

epitome - the model or embodiment of something, prime example

benevolent - generous, good-natured

Group 11 February 3rd - 13th

debunk - to expose as false

amorphous - lacking definite form

tangible - something capable of being touched, real, material

hindrance - impediment, obstruction, obstacle

vex - to annoy or irritate

Group 12 February 24th - March 7th

condone - to overlook, forgive, or disregard a behavior without protest

heed - to listen to, pay attention to, or follow instructions of

reprehensible - deplorable, worthy of being hated

amalgamate - to combine several elements into a whole

apprehension - fearful or uneasy anticipation of the future, dread

March 13th Post Test