Mr. Vicks First Thought

ASCA Conference 2018

Thoughts on my #ASCA2018 trip to LA. LA is a great city. Wouldn't mind living there. Didnt have to deal with discrimination or racist under/over tones like the south has. Ride sharing is the move. Don't rent a car unless you need to go outside LA. I went with Yolande, my wife, and we also took in The Broad (museum with free admission in advance). Great pieces of art that was on display. We also went to Grand Central Market. Various restaurants with different styles like Philippino cuisine, Asian fusion, etc. There are vegan options available. Another positive was the progressiveness in tech (Apple/Samsung Pay).

The actual conference. First time to the conference so I was apprehensive throughout because of the amount of people, but a good experience. What I did notice was the lack of female and male PSC of color and that is something that will need to be addressed within the next 10 years. There is an opportunity to raise these numbers and have a bigger voice in ASCA And having true diversity.

A lot of the subjects covered it doesn't affect me now, but they will in the furure (diversity, HS, etc.). A lot of support with mental health, mindsets, and self care. I didn't attend those sessions because I can research for myself and we will have a mental health clinic this year at my school.

The main focus for me in the sessions I selected was to advocate and promote my counseling program and leadership. Those were helpful, insightful, and great to view other PSC's perspective in regard to their programs. I met a few counselors and shared our experiences with caseloads, duties, and various ideas. I am working on some things to become a more efficient counselor.

What I will take away from this experience is the fact that we got on a plane and went. I am appreciative of the opportunity to go to ASCA this year and working on attending next year.

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